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  Aug 25 2018

This is a Tragedy.

Currently, there are 4.5 million kids in the nation’s foster care system. Every year, 26,000 of these youth live out their teen years in foster care and when they turn 18, are left to fend for themselves because they have no parents or family to guide them. If that isn't hard enough, most have one or more medical conditions brought on by exposure, neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse. 

Having no alternative, thousands of teens will resort to a life on the streets. Without basic necessities such as a place to bathe, money, or transportation, they'll become high-risk targets for unfavorable outcomes such as trafficking, drug and alcohol abuse, physical abuse, crime, incarceration, gang activity and even death.

Sadly, everyone is affected by this. The community feels the brunt in the form of vandalism, theft, and violence. Taxpayers feel the brunt in the form of an estimated $8,000,000,000 in taxes that pay for social and government services like rehabilitation, incarceration, and law enforcement. And worst of all, young human lives--like your own sons and daughters--will be wasted, left feeling devalued and worthless...and miss their opportunity to reach their God-given potential.

This is a tragedy...because it's preventable! But only if we think--and ACT--preemptively.

At BiG Children’s Foundation, we recognize that for an at-risk youth to thrive and succeed, they need love, a solid support system, guidance, resources and opportunity. Then just maybe they’ll have a chance. We are fully committed to changing their life trajectory and reshaping their futures by improving the quality of their lives, training them in self-sufficiency, and preparing them for success through mentoring, counseling, physical activity, performance arts, education, career development, resources, opportunity and hope. Please join us in this fight to give  these valuable teens a second chance. They didn't ask for the first chance, and look where it left them.

Please make a donation today and help keep our mission going, so this tragedy can stop! 

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Posted by Joyce Feldman