Ilaramatak Women's Group: Maasai Mara



I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful group of women in the Mara. In search of a solution for improving their livelihoods and that of their families, they began a soap making business. 

At the very core of this project is the need for clean water. Relying on infected rain or pond water hinders the possibility of success. With your support, these good hearted Maasai women will have an opportunity at a better way of life. 

More project details:

The Anne K. Taylor Fund supports the women with raw materials, ensuring they are correctly balanced for quality and safety measures. Initial materials were supplied for the start and the women are now able to procure materials with sales made from the soap. 

The three types of soap:

Olebbati > Hand wash | Enyorrota > Dish wash | Oloropil > Multi-purpose (such as for clothes & cleaning)

With this soap making project, we not only hope to transform the lives in the Maasai community, but also enable women to become partners in its development. 

Thank you : asante sana!

- Maasai Mara, Kenya

Posted by Clementine .