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  Apr 03 2020

There are not enough supplies to go around, especially if you belong to a smaller healthcare group.  And if you are “essential” but not in the medical field, it is less likely you’ll receive any help from the government.

Be a Hero to our Heroes, let’s put a mask on every Doctor, Nurse, Frontliner and First Responder.

Our Federal, State and local governments are doing everything they can to keep our people on the front lines safe. Unfortunately, nearly everyone underestimated how the COVID-19 virus would spread and the massive demand for additional supplies that would be needed to keep our Frontliners safe.

We have learned 2 things in the past month:

1. There are not enough supplies to go around, especially if you belong to a smaller healthcare group.

2. If you are “essential” but not in the medical field, it is the less likely you’ll receive any help from the government.

iCareHeroes came about because we have the people, resources, and experience to overcome those 2 unfortunate and deadly realities.

Why is there a shortage?

When there became a world shortage of protective masks and other PPE’s, most countries and large buying groups went to China to purchase available products through their existing export relationships. As those channels sold out, many groups sought out large manufacturing cooperatives to fill their orders, but soon those groups too were out of stock. As supplies continued to dwindle, some groups went directly to large wholesale manufacturing companies as their last resort, and as we know they too have exhausted their surplus.

How can iCareHeroes get supplies when governments can’t?  

We, fortunately, have personal connections with several small manufacturing companies in China that do not typically export or have outside relationships with these huge buyers. Think of it from a farming example in the USA. International corn buyers can easily buy from large US cooperatives or even the mega farmers in Iowa, but it is almost impossible for a foreign government to buy corn from the privately owned, 10-acre family farm in small-town Missouri.

This is what iCareHeroes has been able to do in China. We have key personnel in small and mid-sized manufacturing facilities where we can purchase the FDA-approved products we need.

Why are we asking for your help?

We need to act quickly. If we delay, there will be an additional loss of life. Because the government can’t facilitate with these smaller venues, we need to do it ourselves with the public's help.

We need to pay for and ship these supplies and make them available to smaller hospitals and medical personnel. Additionally, we aim to donate PPE's to grocery workers, cleaning crews at nursing homes, ambulance drivers and the thousands of other Frontliners in hundreds of different professions in need.

One hundred percent of all donations will go to procuring masks and other PPE’s to be delivered to our heroes on the front line. No team leader or executive at iCareHeroes is receiving any compensation through this effort. We all have a personal story about why we are volunteering our time and talents to help irradicate this deadly COVID-19 virus.

What you can do now:

Please donate. We need your help to make this happen. If everyone does just a little, we can have a HUGE impact. The cost of a single N95 mask is now over $5.00. How many masks can you give to your community or to someone in need?

❖ If you feel so inspired, you can also start your own team and gather even more momentum.

What iCareHeroes has already done:

We fill the gaps where governments struggle. We launched our idea on Thursday, March 25th and by Monday, April 5th, we distributed over 500 masks to health care workers in two states and have 1,100 more masks ready for distribution. An additional 14,000 are scheduled to arrive Thursday, April 9th and beyond.

We need to replenish our supplies and go even bigger. We have proven it can be done. Now we need the public’s support to put a mask on every frontliner in harm’s way.

To request supplies from iCareHeroes click here and fill out the online form.


Aside from donations, how can I help?

iCareHeroes is in need of volunteers, both individuals and groups, to assist with administration and many other skilled tasks. Most members of our team are still working while volunteering for iCare Heroes at the same time.

Let us know:

❖ If you have a relationship with a business that can post our GFM donation button on their checkout page on their website.

❖ If you have a relationship with the media or high-profile individuals.

❖ If you have a relationship with an overseas PPE manufacturing company.

Please email us at

Are donations tax-deductible?

· Yes, donations made to our campaign are tax-deductible in the USA through our non-profit partner, WHOlives.

What is the goal?

· Our purpose is to get masks and other PPE’s into the hands of our Frontliners and First Responders to protect them and their families.

· Once we have the crisis in the US under control, we will continue our efforts in developing countries worldwide.

How will the funds be allocated?

❖ 100% of the funds raised through our GFM campaign will be utilized to protect our Frontliners and First Responders with the PPE’s they need to stay safe.

❖ Any funds remaining after the US crises ends will be directed to Frontliners and First Responders in developing countries where we have boots on the ground.

❖ For transparency, we track and deliver the PPE’s through Blockchain technology.

❖ All executives and team leaders have volunteered their time.

Where we are now...

· Supply chain verification with China and Mexico with over 300,000 items ready to order

· 14,000 Deliveries confirmed

· First 10 Hospitals notified

Are we conflicting with the government’s efforts?

· We are filling an important role in working with both Federal and state agencies.

· Governments excel at large scale distribution but leave innumerable gaps that need attention.

· Our efforts will fill those gaps down to the individual Frontliners and First Responders.

How does iCareHeroes differ from other COVID-19 efforts?

❖ We have experienced staff in smaller factories in China and Mexico who are overseeing and fulfilling our FDA-approved orders.

❖ We have been involved in importing medical supplies for over 10 years.

❖ We are experienced in international emergency welfare and distribution.

❖ We have sent humanitarian aid and supplies to 36 developing countries and to the US.

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