Haywood Waterways 2nd Annual Fundraising Chili Cookoff


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Haywood Waterways 2nd Annual Fundraiser Chili Cookoff

Haywood Waterways and Elevated Mountain Distilling Company are teaming AGAIN to host the 2nd Annual Fundraising Chili Cook-Off!

We raised around $3,000 last year! Let's try to beat that this year!

LIVE MUSIC by Bona Fide!

Tap TAKEOVER by 7 Clan!

 Amaretto from Oak City Amaretto!

There is space for 15 Chili Cookers

$35 entry fee

Chili Cookers please arrive by 5:00 PM to set up!

Single or team entries are welcome, max 4 people per team.

Each chili has two opportunities to win prizes - a Judged Tasting Award and a People's Choice Award. Additionally, we encourage teams to compete for "Best Decorated" by picking a theme and decorating your crew and table accordingly.

The Judge's Tasting Award will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

People's Choice Award will only be ONE WINNER!

Best Decorated will only be ONE WINNER!

Use your favorite recipe, with or without meat, with or without beans. Meat may be beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, and any wild game! Veggie (meatless chili) is welcomed! Please have a list of the meats used for allergy purposes. If peanuts or peanut oil is used, please display a warning sign. You may NOT use can, store bought chili or mixes. Pre-cooked beans are okay. All ingredients must be pre cooked & treated prior to the event, chili is to be brought ready to eat.

Last year we had a little hiccup and didn't do a BLIND JUDGING. This year we WILL be doing an absolute BLIIND JUDGING (no one knows the identity of the cook) and scorecards will be based on the following six characteristics:

1. Texture: The texture of the meat shall not be tough or mushy

2. Flavor: The chili should have good flavoring and chili pepper taste (not too hot or too mild)

3. Consistency: Chili should be a smooth combination of meat and gravy not too thin or too thick

4. Spice and taste: Blending of the spices and how well they have permeated the meat

5. Aroma: This will be a personal preference of the judge

6. Color: The submitted chili should look appetizing

There will be a Peoples Choice ballot box on each table of the chili cookers for people to drop their tickets to vote.

Each contestant or team will have a bowl on their table where the public can vote for them as their favorite. The public voters each get 3 tickets to give to the chili of their choice. The more people you bring or know the better chance you have of winning! The chili with the most tickets at the end of the event is the People's choice 

We may also again allow people to buy (REMEMBER ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE) people's choice votes! Last year we did that at the end and everyone really loved it and it helped us raise more money for our nonprofit!

Each Contestant must cook a minimum of  8 Quarts (2 gallons). You may enter in more than one batch of chili.

We will have outlets to keep chili warm but you must provide your own device to maintaining heat; such as crockpot, hot plate, etc. You must also provide serving utensils. 

Cookers can bring any toppings they would like, as well as any sides or desserts! 

We will provide  8X4 tables for the cookers. 

We will also provide bowls, spoons, napkins, and cups for the eaters!

Chili Eaters!

Chili Eater $15 pre-sale tickets: This gets you all the samples of chili and samples of spirits brewed right at Elevated Mountain Distlling and Amaretto from Oak City Amaretto will be there again. 7Clan Brewing will doing a TAP TAKEOVER!

$20 day of event

Children 12 and under FREE!

Entry and tickets can also be purchased at Elevated Mountain Distilling Company

3732 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751 (828) 734-1084

If you have any questions please contact

HWA Project Manager Caitlin Worsham caitlinw.hwa@gmail.com

828-476-4667 ex 12

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Saturday March 7th
6:00PM - 9:00PM
Elevated Mountain Distilling Company, Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC, USA
3732 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, USA


Chili and Spirits Start with Clean Water! 

Haywood Waterways and Elevated Mountain Distilling Company are teaming up AGAIN to host the 2nd annual fundraising Chili Cook-Off!

Remember this is all for a good cause! 

The mission of Haywood Waterways is to maintain and improve surface water quality in the Pigeon River Watershed of Haywood County. Haywood Waterways Association is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law (Tax ID: 56-2108874). Financial information and a copy of our license is available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-807-2214; the license is not an endorsement by the State.

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