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Hurricane Laura Disaster Helping Hands Relief Fund For Families

Hurricane Laura has caused a disastrous impact on our beloved Orange Texas area and thousands of the local residents and businesses have and are currently experiencing extensive property damage and personal devastation.   

Many individuals from across the country and have been asking how they can help. This is how!
Here’s how you can help: 

* Monetary donations will help impacted residents directly and allow them to receive assistance with needed food and supplies.  

* Non perishable food items   

Canned Meats Canned Tuna and Salmon Peanut Butter Jelly (no glass) Canned or Dry Soups Canned Stews and Chili Canned Pasta Canned Vegatables Water Canned Fruit Canned Pasta (Spaghetti “O’s”),  Powdered Milk Juice Boxes Canned Juices Canned Beans Baby Food & Cereal (glass jars accepted) Baby Formula (Enfamil/Similac) Granola Bars Cereal Bars

If you are in a position to contribute and you have the means to take action, we hope you will donate today.  No dollar amount is too small.   

100% of donations (less the 2.9% and $0.30 per donation transaction fee) will go directly to these organizations as they continue to coordinate, mobilize, and distribute meals to those impacted by COVID-19.    

We are monitoring this growing and increased need, and are prepared to continue to support these organizations, as well as others who are responding to food insecurity in our nation. We truly recognize this need is great and wholeheartedly believe that nobody should be without food or water.  

Thank you so much for your consideration! 

Please note that this  fund would only complement, not replace government funding, and could not be used for expenses that are clearly reimbursable through the FEMA, USDA, state, or emergency local government funds. 

We have an opportunity to come together to support our neighbors in this critical time of need. 

These communities also have high numbers of elderly, diabetic, asthmatic, and cancer-afflicted (i.e., high risk) individuals.  These communities have already been devastated by the coronavirus (COVID-19).  We want to help these individuals, especially the elderly and high risk individuals, and families with children, to gain access to the food and water (Residents do not and will not have running water or power according to state government and city officials) and other essential items they will need to get through this tragedy and ongoing pandemic, such as water, food, toiletries, PPE, and diapers. The emergency need is dire ever so great.   Please give if you can.   

Our overall goal will be to continue our response efforts distributing meals in ways that maintain the health and safety of all involved  to the vast number of people impacted by the hurricane who are  in need of food and supplies. The immunocompromised and mobility impaired, single parents, and as many struggling families by helping them by way of our distribution efforts of nonperishable groceries, water, health supplies, and necessary items so they (and their vulnerable communities) can be protected from exposure to the virus by engaging volunteers to make these purchases and deliver them to a safe transfer location for our beneficiaries.  

Our team is led by an incredible military wife Britney Hansel (Hurricane Harvey survivor), Founder of Hurricane Laura Local Helping Hand and a number of incredible volunteers and group members. Given the already incredibly amazing support for this effort, we partnered with an amazing god sent nonprofit called Sionne’s Heart Inc. who saw our efforts and reached and contributed funding and resources to manage this work and expend these funds.   Our initial withdrawals will be deposited with our nonprofit's fiscal sponsor, Sionne’s Heart Inc., which has already done incredible work for families across the country during the current ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.   

The funds from this campaign will be used to make direct purchases, or reimbursement of purchases by volunteers, of bulk food and emergency medical items, and other purchases made on behalf of our beneficiaries, such as water, food from supermarkets, PPE, and other items necessary to help our amazing volunteers as well as those who have been devastated from hurricane Laura safe during the distribution of emergency supplies.     

As a way to show our deepest token of gratitude and appreciation to the donors to this fund, Sionne’s Heart Inc. will be providing sets of custom double and triple layered crafted facemasks sewn by our group of in-house volunteers and a link and/or email will be provided to obtain the masks will be sent to those contributing $25 or more.

ALL donations that are made through Hurricane Laura Disaster Helping Hands Relief Fund For Families portal are 100% tax deductible of donations (less the 2.9% and $0.30 per donation transaction fee)  and 100% will go directly to all efforts to these organizations as they continue to coordinate,  mobilize, and distribute food and supplies to those impacted by Hurricane Laura.

All current and previous donations made to support the Hurricane Laura Disaster: Helping Hands Relief Fund will also be acknowledged and receipted for tax-deductibility purposes by Sionne’s Heart Inc. Sionne’s Heart Incorporated is a federal and state acknowledged 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Federal Tax ID #83-1673815. 

We are grateful to have wonderful supporters like you and thank you for your generosity! 

If you are unable to give financially, please share this campaign to help get the word out. 

Best regards, Allison Thomas-Chen
Marketing and Communications Specialist Hurricane Laura Local Helping Hand Sionne’s Heart Incorporated

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