The Huey Memorial

The Huey Memorial

A Memorial Bust Honoring Huey P. Newton
  Nov 12 2020 . Oakland, CA, USA

We are seeking support for the creative development, installation and management of a bronze bust of Black Panther Party co-founder, Dr. Huey P. Newton to be placed in the Lower Bottom neighborhood of West Oakland, where he took his last breath. 

The History

The Black Panther Party was the most important urban mass movement organization of the 20th century and it was co-founded by my late husband, Dr. Huey P. Newton. The streets of Oakland, CA where I still live today were the epicenter for the Party in the 1960's, 70's and 80's. 

But the Party knew no borders and grew into an international organization and under Huey’s incredible leadership, we saw progressive and consequential advancements  made under an ideology guided by one basic principle: “ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE.”

On August 22, 1989, Huey was killed at the corner of 9th and Center Streets in the Lower Bottom neighborhood of West Oakland. As his widow and a former Black Panther too, I was determined to preserve and promote the history of the Party and Huey, and so I co-founded the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation. I am proud of the cultural, historical and educational programs that we developed and shared. In 2020, we started around a new corner in our program development: We are undertaking a new, deliberate and robust public history program.

Phase One - Status: Complete 

The successful renaming of the street where Huey’s life was taken to “Dr. Huey P. Newton Way.” 

Phase Two - Status: Funding

This is why I am asking for your support today. We are planning a commemorative art piece to honor Huey’s international impact, which started so vibrantly in Oakland. To accomplish Phase Two, the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation has engaged with renowned sculptor Dana King (see bio below) to create a bronze memorial bust of Huey, which will be installed on a granite-rock base with a granite seating area in front for people to use for offerings or to sit. It will be located on Dr. Huey P. Newton Way (formerly 9th Street) and Mandela Parkway in West Oakland. The proposed dimensions are 72” x 36” x 36”. 

Will you help us in raising funds to support the talented artist, Dana King, as well as the installation and future maintenance of what will surely be an important landmark for the city of Oakland.

Dana King Bio

Dana King is a classical figurative sculptor who creates public monuments of Black Bodies in Bronze. She studies the strength and resilience of African descendants and creates pieces made of clay with her hands that are then cast in bronze.

King prefers sculptures because they inhabit space and space is power. She believes sculpture provides an opportunity to shape culturally significant memories that determine how African descendants are publicly held and remembered.

Research is fundamental to her work. When digging for threads to weave together stories of the past, there are historically generalized and racist ideologies that demand a wholesale upheaval of the normative misrepresentation of Black peoples’ emotional and physical sacrifices. African descendants deserve public monuments of truth that radiate their powerful and undying resilience created from a Black aesthetic point of view.

King’s sculptures link generations by revealing common threads: shared values, experiences, and aspirations. She knows they help those alive today compare and contrast their world with that of social pioneers, both enslaved and free, whose courage and commitment to excellence helped create modern society. Dana King creates memories, hoping you see yourself and those you love in her work.

Posted by Dr Huey P Newton Foundation