Donate Health's Friends and Family Raffle



More info on how to enter the raffle: here 

Every referral to the raffle gets you an additional entry, so share this page with your friends and family!

Click Get Ticket to get a pdf ticket to the raffle. If you just want to contribute to the prize pool press Donate!

Every donation and ticket sale adds to the prize pool, 50% of the pool will go to the winner of this raffle. 

We are working hard to change lives. With your help, we could help even more!

Every day we help more people directly by providing medicine, medical supplies, teleconsultations, and by promoting health knowledge.

Your contributions really make a difference. This raffle will help people in need to improve their health.

Every raffle ticket bought can help a person without adequate resources receive medical treatment for a whole month.

Entry to the raffle does not require a ticket purchase.

Hosted by: Health Inc

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