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  Nov 01 2018 . Seattle, WA, USA


2018 HRS Kingdom Challenge:

Fight Hunger in Washington through Northwest Harvest

Who is Northwest Harvest? 

· Northwest Harvest is First in Fighting Hunger. Founded in 1967, they are the only nonprofit food bank distributor operating statewide and have received top charity rankings and reviews from Guidestar, the BBB, and Charity Navigator. 

· Northwest Harvest is Washington’s home-grown food bank distributor. Each month, Northwest Harvest provides more than two million nutritious meals and supports a statewide network of more than 375 food banks, meal programs and high-need schools, focusing on stable, nutritious, culturally-sensitive foods critical to body and mind. 

· Northwest Harvest is leading the fight for hungry people statewide to have access to nutritious food while respecting their dignity and promoting good health. Their vision is ending hunger in Washington.

Hunger in Washington

· Here in Washington, 1 in 7 people (and 1 in 5 children) struggle with hunger. More people are going to food banks, many for the first time. Most are working families. Half are children and the elderly. 

· Need for food in our communities: Hunger in our state continues to persist at a much higher rate than before the recession. Food bank visits are still at record levels and food banks often struggle to distribute adequate food per household in need.

Northwest Harvest Facts

· Northwest Harvest provides more than 2 million meals every month to a statewide network of hunger relief programs. If each recipient sat down with their meal at CenturyLink Field, we would fill the stadium 30 times every month. 

· Northwest Harvest distributes more than 33 million pounds of food throughout Washington each year. Two thirds of the food Northwest Harvest distributes is nutritious fruits and vegetables.

· Northwest Harvest’s Three Squares program feeds children in nearly 50 schools around the state, providing backpacks with six full meals for the weekend, when school meals are not available.

· Northwest Harvest’s Sandwich Brigade makes nearly 2,500 sandwiches each week to hand out in sack lunches at Cherry Street Food Bank. Many are made with peanut butter.

· Northwest Harvest can feed a family of three a healthy, nutritious meal for 67 cents.

· More than 50% of those served statewide are seniors or children.

How do I donate?

· Simply scroll down this page and click on your team on the leaderboard to be taken to your team page.

· Then click the “Donate Now” button on the right and follow the instructions.


Posted by Joseph Fuller