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Thank you for donating to Houston Wilderness! 

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We are an environmental policy nonprofit working to protect, preserve, and promote the natural areas in the Gulf-Houston Region.

We collaborate with many other organizations in the area to promote our Gulf-Houston Regional Conservation Plan (RCP), Texas Monarch Flyway Strategy, and Great Green Quest.

One of our key goals is to increase carbon sequestration by 0.4% every year to help reduce the effects of climate change and sea-level rise. Several of our RCP partners are working with us on a large-scale tree planting along waterways in the Greater Houston area in the fall. Please submit your VOTE for what kind of trees you’d like to see in the area! Below, we have a list of native tree species that would be beneficial to our ecosystem. For more information about each tree specifically, click here! Please dedicate your donation to the type of tree, listed below as a 'Team,' that you would like to be planted! $10 donation = one 5-gallon tree of your choice.  

Planting native trees is important to making the region more resilient to flooding, helps sequester carbon from the air and improves air quality. We appreciate your contribution to these efforts. 

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Thank you!