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We have been very fortunate in our lives to receive so much and to be loved by so many wonderful people. To celebrate our magical wedding day, when life is going so well for us, we would like to take a moment to consider the millions of people who are less fortunate. We would not be in Vermont having such a good time with all our friends and family if we had not caught a few breaks along the way - including the lucky break of being born in America to relatively well-off parents. Many are not so lucky. In lieu of receiving traditional gifts, we encourage our wedding guests to give to some of our favorites charities. Of course, if you prefer to give a more traditional (or non-traditional) gift, that's fine too.


-Hong and Gabe

HOW TO USE THIS PAGE: Click "donate". Choose your preferred charity and the amount you wish to donate. To view a summary of each charity and the work they do, click the charity's name at the bottom of this page under "teams". Apparently, charities are teams. Like the Celtics. But better.

Posted by Gabriel Rabin