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Advance anti-racist education

As the Covid-19 pandemic lays bare our societal inequities, and graphic instances of brutality against Africans Americans attract the attention of a population more open to seeing the pattern, teachers are looking to respond to the needs and demands of students seeking explanations for how we got here. Yet teachers’ options for preparing for this moment are surprisingly limited; they struggle to find content-rich professional development and teaching materials that bridge academic insights and age-appropriate pedagogies, the very sort of resources that Primary Source offers.

We have created HistoryThon in concert with our mission to support educators in building expertise in K-12 anti-racist education. 

HistoryThon’s objectives are to raise awareness about local African American history, and to elevate and prioritize learning about African American history in all schools while supporting Primary Source’s work to get high quality, accurate resources about African American history into the hands of every teacher.

Primary Source believes that educators need to build expertise in teaching African American history as our collective U.S. history. We depend on philanthropy to achieve our objectives, so increasing the number of people who believe in our mission and are willing to advance it is essential, particularly now when in-school learning is not always possible.

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