HIIT Cancer in the Stomach

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No sob story here. 

This story is about overcoming adversity.

On the other side of adversity are your goals.

When the pandemic hit, the best HIIT coach in NYC sprung into action. He launched virtual HIIT classes around the clock to support the community. He knew that mental health was one of the largest risks ahead of us.

In the midst of the pandemic shutdown, he missed his bladder cancer screening appointment back in March 2020. He's no stranger to cancer. And just as 2020 would have it, when it came time for his 2021 apointment, tumors were back.

But again, there's no sob story here. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

We're going to punch cancer in the stomach. Everyone raising for this cause will personally knock out 1500 burpees in the month of February, and help knock out cancer.  And we'd love your support.

Your entire, tax deductible, donation will go to either  the American Bladder Cancer Society or the American Cancer Society!


By the way, your first virtual HIIT class is always free .

Anyone who donates $100 or more can get 3 free classes!

Posted by Jon Zanoff