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Sleep/Wake Cyclers Ride for Research 2021
  Jun 12 2021

Living with hypersomnia is like trying to ride a bicycle with flat tires. You can move, but not very far. Or very fast. Going even a short distance takes enormous effort.

For those with idiopathic hypersomnia, narcolepsy without cataplexy, and Kleine-Levin Syndrome, we still don’t know what causes our sleepiness and brain fog. The brain is a crazy complex place. The answers will be hard to find.

But we’re looking.

All of your donations to the Sleep/Wake Cyclers team will go to fund global research on central hypersomnias, with an emphasis on finding treatments for those who do not respond to currently available medications. The only good place for the word “idiopathic” is in the rear view mirror.

Thank you for supporting our team - let’s ride!


The Sleep/Wake Cyclers Team

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