Heroic Hearts' IDP Village

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There are 9000,000 people who have displaced in the last few weeks and the majority of them are women and children. In simpler terms, over a half million women and children are without shelter and have NOWHERE to go. 

The "Heroic Hearts IDP Village" (housing project for Syria internaly displaced families) which is close to the Turkish border, will provide them not just a shelter; it will be a permanent residence for them which they can call home, a home they can live in with dignity.

We have already started construction for Heroic Hearts' IDP Village, a permanent housing facility which will provide homes to the neediest amongst them.  In phase I, we are building 200 units (concrete buildings) and each unit is 450 ft² (Square Footage) and will have 2 rooms, a bathroom and kitchen. It will be home for a family of 5 to 7 and will cost only $660.

Your donation will go towards a long-term contribution for one family to have residence there.

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