Mar 13 2020 . Boston, MA, USA

[6/5 Update] 

“SHC is so helpful! Everyone there cares about you and they will do anything in their power to give you the help you need. Thank you so much for all you do for everyone in the community.  I appreciate it so much!” 

This is great feedback from one of our food pantry clients and over the past 12 weeks, we have provided food to our existing clients  and to 94% more people now requiring our services - thank you for being the difference.


We need your immediate help.  As this virus outbreak touches us you can be sure that the homeless and disadvantaged will suffer even more. The poor stay poor ...the homeless remain homeless ....the hungry remain hungry, their need becomes greater.  Simply put, they become even more untouchable as services close around our community because social distancing is a way of life for them already.

We are working to keep our services open.  This includes our food program, prevention and support programs and our adult and family shelter.

Our food program Project SOUP has already served 300 families this month and is expecting this number to rise to 600, an unprecedented increase. Our community meals are ongoing while taking specific precautions to protect the health of our guests, staff, and volunteers. Our shelter staff is moving a family into permanent housing today and preparing the room for a new family to move in this weekend. Our work doesn’t stop.

This week we cancelled our Gala which was expected to raise $160,000, funds on which we rely to provide services and support to our clients.

As you prepare yourself, your families, your coworkers and others for this unprecedented emergency, take a moment to help us do the same for the most needy in our communities and donate now.

We rely on the generosity and compassion of our community members to be able to continue to do this essential work.

THANK YOU for your support, please share this widely across your networks.

Take care of yourselves and one another and remember to wash your hands!

Posted by Felicity Beal