Help Thurgood Marshall seniors get 11 Macbooks Pro for distance learning during Covid-19

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Want to join me in making a difference?  Help Thurgood Marshall Academic High School students to raise money for in order to refurbish and ship of the Macbook Pro to their homes.  We are looking for distribute 11 laptops.  Some of the students don't have the money to purchase a laptop during the Covid-19 shelter in place order to do their homework online.  It is not just a computer, it is a way for them to complete their courses so they can move on to going to college.  It will open their doors to higher education.  They will be able to use them for college school work.  They need your help more than ever to compete with the kids who has money.

It takes $100 to refurbish a Windows laptops and $150 to refurbish a Macbook.  Your contribution will help them toward in getting a laptop in the mail.  Thank you for your support.

These funds are unrestricted funds.

Posted by RRRcomputer Inc