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Puyallup, WA, USA

 We are asking for your help. 

     Thank you for all the loving messages and support!  We are so amazed with how much the shelter and hospital has meant to everyone.  All of us here at Sunny Sky's are touched at how big our rescue family is, it means a lot to us especially now. Closing the physical shelter and hospital was the last thing we wanted to do, but in an effort to keep the rescue going we had to make a change.  We've applied for various loans, assistance through the CARES Act, other government assistance, and have been frantically applying for any grant recommendation sent our way, but a lot of businesses have felt a devastating financial impact from COVID-19 and there is a lot of need for relief in the small business community.  We, like many others have not received any aid and are still waiting to hear back from applications sent, but time is not on our side and many factors were taken into consideration when we made this decision.

     Although this building has served us well for many years the layout isn’t ideal for an animal rescue and as a result our operating costs are quite high. This has made it financially impossible for us to continue in this climate. The monthly cost for us to operate our shelter and hospital out of this location is $35-$40k/month. Each month we wait, we sit with uncertainty not knowing when or if we will be able to resume business as usual. This has made it difficult to come up with a definitive goal for our fundraising efforts. Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue will continue to be an active animal rescue regardless of a physical location or foster based and while the current situation has forced us to leave this location, we hope that by closing one door others will open to new opportunities allowing us to continue serving this great community. Your support has inspired us to continue fundraising, and as we will continue saving those who need us most, only in a different way.   We continue to work on the future of the rescue and raising funds can help with that effort.  If we can raise enough funds we would like to continue the hospital portion of the rescue in another location, if that is not possible we would like to create a mobile clinic that can be used to travel and help people unable to afford care for their pets while also being available to help the rescue animals.  This is not the end of Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue & Hospital, just a new chapter and your donations and support will go towards the care of the animals currently in our care, the ones we will continue to rescue, and a bright future for the organization.    

    We have been proud to call Puyallup our home for over 2 decades.  The shelter is where we were first introduced to how rewarding rescue can be, taking in local rescues, animals from disasters (like hurricane Katrina) and our pioneer voyage to California, it felt like we had found our calling.  Throughout the years we have faced ups and downs and have always continued on, and after seeing the outpouring of love we know its because of you.  Having such a supportive community is inspiring and touching.  It gives us the drive to try new things and have the faith that we can overcome every obstacle.  With that in mind we have decided that we are going to spend this time focusing on the next chapter of our rescue and with your help we know we will thrive. We appreciate you and your gracious hearts as we continue doing the work we love.