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The Water Rescue Foundation™ provides clean and safe drinking water to communities in need. Using atmospheric water generation technology, we’ve created a sustainable source of water. Put simply - we make clean water from the same air you’re breathing right now.

What makes us different? This is not a bottled water band-aid. This is a cost efficient, energy efficient, high output solution for communities in need.

The Water Rescue Foundation™ has already provided clean drinking water to communities affected by natural disasters, geographical limitations, and water supply contamination. Following Hurricane Maria, we deployed our first mission to provide clean water to the people of Vieques, Puerto Rico for 7 months.

Thanks to the support of LaToya Ruby Frazier, Visual Artist and Philanthropist, we are currently providing one machine to the community of Flint, Michigan, but we can do even more to make water free and accessible to ALL people in Flint and around the world — with your help.

Make no mistake- the Flint, Michigan water crisis is still just that- a crisis. Be part of the solution. Donate today.

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