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Help Chennai Breathe #Uyir Kodu

# Uyir Kodu
Help Chennai Breathe
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A lethal second wave of coronavirus infections is devastating India, leaving millions affected, taxing the country’s already overburdened health care system and is experiencing a grave humanitarian crisis.

City of Chennai particularly has a postive rate of over 15% and 30,000 fresh cases daily.  With close to half a million confirmed cases in the city, hospitals are struggling to accommodate new patients due to an acute shortage of oxygen, beds, ventilators, medical supplies and healthcare resources.  

Goal of this campaign is to raise $50,000 and your contribution will help -  

1. To procure and distribute directly life saving healthcare equipments and medical supplies including non-invasive Ventilators, Oxygen cylinders, Oxygen monitors, Covid test machines, ECG machines; Disposable items like bedsheets, adult diapers, N95 masks, gloves, PPE kits,  sanitisers, medicines, syringe pumps and infusion pumps.  

2.  Provide part time manpower resources support to these hospitals  to fullfill shortage of specialized providers needed to meet the anticipated patient surge and to backfill resources impacted by virus exposure and overwork.

For every dollar contribution to this campaign this week a generous donor is matching 2x your donation + company match would help us in getting a 3x donation to achieve the $50,000 goal.  Your charitable contributions are US 501(c)(3) tax deductible.

This campaign would support directly select hospitals in Chennai like Government Stanley Hospital;   Government Hospital for Thoracic Medicine; Tambaram Military Hospital, Chennai ; Hindu Mission Hospital, Tambaram; Government Primary Health Centres etc.

Dhia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the US is tied up with Rotary club of Chennai East to execute this campaign. 100% of the funds collected in this campaign will be transferred to Rotary club of Madras east to deliver on the promises above.

Posted by Venkata Krishnamurthy

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