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Empowering Healthcare Heroes
  Dec 03 2019

Almost half of the 50 million people living in Kenya’ can’t afford to see a doctor when they get sick.

Instead, their healthcare heroes are nurses (and others) who run small local clinics.  These clinics often struggle to make their own ends meet, which means they can’t always provide the care their patients need.

At Banda Health, we empower these healthcare heroes to sustainably transform the healthcare they provide using simple business software.

Nancy is one such hero. She’s a talented young Kenyan nurse running a clinic in a very poor village on the coast. She used to see up to 60 patients per day and then still have to spend hours on paperwork just to keep her clinic going.

Many weeks, it just wasn’t possible. She’d have to send some patients away empty-handed, without the right medicine. With the next clinic geographically or financially out of reach, this could prove fatal for her patients.

But now thanks to Banda's software, Nancy takes care of business in minutes, not hours. She keeps costs down and always has the medicine her patients need - no more turning patients away empty-handed.

Nancy is so happy that Banda helps her take care of her business so that she can focus on what she’s good at - taking care of her patients.

We would love for you to partner with us and with healthcare heroes like Nancy. Every $10 you give impacts 150 additional patients over the next 5 years alone in clinics like Nancy’s. We’re working to transform healthcare for 1+ million patients by 2024.

Every dollar makes a difference for men and women who have nowhere else to turn for good healthcare.

Join us!

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