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  Oct 13 2018 . Zorinsky Lake Park, 3808 S 154th St, Omaha, NE 68144, USA

Everyday in the United States every 1 in 160 births is a stillbirth. Our nonprofit, HEALing Embrace walks with families that have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss, up to 1 year of age. Our mission is to HEAL - Help Everyone After Loss. We journey with families by providing financial support in the areas of funeral and medical expenses, postpartum care and/or grief counseling. We also provide free bereavement companion services, free photography, free grief resources, free care packages and free weighted birth day bears to the families we serve in the hospitals.  Our organization is run soley on donations. The services we provide have all been graciously donated by others that shoulder this mission with us. We couldn't do this without you. Our bereavement services allows us to walk in the trenches when a family experiences a loss. We visit families before, during and after the birth of their precious baby. We provide in-person support through comfort doulas and remembrance photography, trained specifically in perinatal loss support. HEALing Embrace sends resources and provides worldwide support to families facing the loss of a baby in any gestation through one year of age. By your support, you can be the heart, the hands, the feet that helps change a family's experience as they celebrate the life of their baby, embracing the time they are given with the comfort and hope that comes from being well-supported with options and empowered to make decisions about your care. 

Because of YOUR support, last year in 2017 we were able to:

* Provide over $21,000 in free bereavement support to the families we served in the hospital,

* Provide over $7,000 in medical and funeral expenses

* Help over 241 families receive either a weighted birth day bear or care package 

* Help pass a Nebraska Law supporting families pregnant with a baby with a life limiting condition 

Please DONATE today and embrace our mission to HEAL.

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