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Change. Hope. Connection
Save Sinatra's Family

Will you be the Change?  Will you be the Hope? Three years ago Sinatra, his mother Raven, and another mare, Felicity, were rescued, rehabilitated, and therapeutically connected with people through dedicated time, graceous donations, and support of volunteers and donors. On April 20th, 2020 we embarked yet, onto another urgent, unplanned rescue of Sinatra’s remaining family.  Sadly, his family members were in significant poor health and on the cusp of starvation. They haven’t received proper veterinary, dental, farrier (feet), or parasite preventive care in years, and for the youngest ones, no care since birth. Malnourishment, parasites, and other harmful bacterias have stricken their bodies robbing them of essential nutrients, minerals, and healthy tissue necessary for wholesome growth and development. It’s painful to watch Tess, one of the rescued horses, chew her grain as about half of it falls out of her mouth resulting in limited nutritional intake. Dental care is imperative to overall health and wellness as without regular teeth floats (filing) horses’ teeth become sharp which results in pain, discomfort, and limited ability to properly chew and grind food. Several of the male horses have not been gelded (neutered) which resulted in accidental pregnancies and/or confinement within a small stall making it essential for them, now more than ever, to be gelded to ensure the greatest quality of health and well being. Embark on this journey, this mission, hand in hand with us to heal the horses and to save Sinatra’s family! You, can be the change, the hope, and the connection!

Posted by Eden Healing Center Inc

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