Empower Students in Haiti with Education

Happy Haitian Education is dedicated to empowering through education
Hinche, Haiti

Mission Statement: 

Happy Haitian Education is dedicated to empowering through education. 

With necessary funding and supportive efforts we aim to better the community and close the educational gap among youths and adults alike. 


School is low on the priority index for famlies and indiviuals throught the counrty. 

The literacy rate for those in Haiti is about 30% lower than surrouding countries in Latin American and the Carribbean. 

Almost half the population lives on $2.41 a day while 2.5 million are even further below the extreme poverty line at $1.12 a day.

To learn more, checkout the full overview at US World Bank 

About Us:

In partnership with Happy Haitian Productions, we serve the Central Plateau of Haiti by boosting human and educational resources. By providing the proper space, staff, teachers, funding and opportunities our students can successfully build a brighter, happier future ultimately overcoming the economic stagnation within the Haitian community. 

In partnership with HHP, we offer our students the opportunity to pay for their education at a later time. With your help, our students can have 1 or more semsters paid for and forgo taking a loan and invest in their future. 

When students show integrity and dedication, we want to be ready to give them the gift of free education. One semester of school is $78!


We are dedicated to upholding high educational standards and practices, passionate about curating a safe place where integrity, trust, respect, responsibility and resiliency are expected of everyone (teachers, staff and students), and committed to empowering a community by giving back whenever possible.


To elevate education in Haiti for students of any age by providing a facility with programs and opportunities specifically focusing on language, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

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