Hand Stand Relay Race

for mobility!

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Hand Stand Relay Race

Hand Stand Relay Race is the Main Event of the Grand Opening of Core Progression's new location in Boulder, Colorado! 

When: Sunday, October 20th  8am to 2pm

Where: Core Progression (new Boulder location)

Cost: $300 entry fee per team (all proceeds go directly to providing high quality prosthetic care to amputees through ROMP's programs and clinics)

Vendors will be providing food and other entertainment throughout the day with the Hand Stand Relay Race as the main event.

Six teams from six gyms will be entered as contestants. The race will be tournament style with three rounds, and although only one team will win the relay race, the ultimate goal is cooperation and camaraderie between all teams to provide mobility to those in need.

Race rules & details:

-Each team will have three legs of the race per round.

-The length of each leg is 40 ft.

-One leg per racer on each team.

-The racers will not lose any ground if their feet touch the floor, but they will have to complete the whole length on their hands.

-There will be a baton attached to each racers ankle by a velcro strap. To pass the baton both the finishing racer and the next racer will have to be in handstand position, and the third team member (or the team leader) will unstrap the baton from the racer who has just completed the leg, and attach it to the next racer up.

-The team with the best overall time will progress to the next round.

- Each team is allowed one back up racer who can step in for the next round if needed.

- All three racers must be set for each round, prior to the round starting. If a racer is unable to complete their leg of the race their team is disqualified.

- Prizes for 1st and 2nd place teams! 

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Sunday October 20th
8am to 2pm
2525 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO, USA
2525 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302, USA