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  Jul 20 2020 . Hinche, Haiti

Happy Haitian Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Central Plateau of Haiti in boosting human and educational resources. With our partner organization, Happy Haitian Productions, we want to provide a multi-functional schooling system by providing the means necessary to support general education, skills and trades. With generous donors and a loan, we started constructing a new school facility.

Our next phase of construction is already underway, but we need help to finish and get ready for the new school year.

Electrical | Plumbing | Flooring 

The construction of this school facility is important because it will provide a better learning environment with reduced costs, better sanitation & security. Most importantly it will provide sanitation and space to stop the spread of Covid-19. Our current school has no running water and only one bathroom. The classrooms are very small at only 9x9 ft in size. With construction of the new building we will have three classrooms almost seven times larger in size, two bathrooms, and running water with hand washing stations. The ultimate goal of our school building is to develop additional programs to help youths and adults develop necessary language and entrepreneurial skills.

We want our students to be successful through increased employment and educational opportunities abroad. Upon completing the program they can become translators, guides, high school English teachers and possible promotion in the workplace. In addition, they can find scholarships abroad to further their education. Our program will ultimately offer not only English, but also Entrepreneurship, Farming and Tailoring. Without government support the country is unable to progress and remains in a state of deprivation. We are changing that. HHE is dedicated to closing the educational gap among youths and adults alike!

Our organization is building programs that will bring change. We serve all ages and have high hopes for our students. Learn who we are in partnership with and what you can do to help.

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