Grace Pumpkin Parade

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  Sep 01 2018 . Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

Trick or Treat and Make a Difference!

There’s a poltergeist in your house, and there is nowhere to run. There are hordes of zombies on your lawn, attempting to break down the doors. Vampires need an invitation, but once they’re in, you are powerless against them. Our most fantastical fears are determined to tear apart the one place we should feel secure.

This Halloween, know what’s really scary? Not feeling safe in your own home. Spending every waking moment frightened, humiliated, and vulnerable. Countless members of our community here in Dutchess County are besieged not by storybook monsters, but by the very real danger of domestic violence. Grace Smith House receives calls every week from your neighbors, coworkers and friends terrified of their intimate partner. They are in need of a safe place to run, an escape from the nightmare. You can offer them that refuge, by fundraising to support the mission of Grace Smith House during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The Grace Pumpkin Parade celebrates the fundraising efforts of our community on behalf of survivors. Create your own awesome Trick-Or-Treat page for your team or just for yourself, and start knocking on some digital doors! Just like your Halloween costume, you can make your page as unique and creative as you are. Or, maybe you're more the "browse the Halloween store" type? Not to worry, there are plenty of awesome templates to choose from. Don't forget the most important part - to share your page with all your friends, and really get the word out! After all, trick or treating is no fun alone!

Join us in pushing back the darkness, and opening doors to a place of safety.

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Fundraising Levels


Creep into the first level of Trick or Treat fundraising with $100! With $100, you ensure we can answer our crisis hotline for another five victims calling for help. We'll offer them emotional support, safety planning for escaping their situation, and the ability to creak open that door to a new life.

REWARD: Trick or Treating bags with candy!


Take wing to the second level of Trick or Treat fundraising with $200. How easy was that? Now you will help us get an additional four families to shelter, providing them with a safe place to stay while they take their next steps towards a future without violence. 

REWARD: Share your story! We'll post your story and
a photo of you in costume on our website!


Fly up into the night with our third level of Trick or Treat fundraising by raising $500, and really make a difference! You can help us provide counseling sessions, a trauma-informed support group, and real healing for both adults and children. Help chase away the monsters of fear and anxiety, so that survivors can have peace of mind as well as physical safety. 

REWARD: Share your story across the Hudson Valley! A 10 minute LIVE on-air interview on BOO92 October 19th!


Set all the ghosts free and clear out the cobwebs in this haunted house by raising an amazing $1,000! You will help us provide survivors of abuse with legal aid in getting back their personal possessions, their pets, their children, their homes, and their lives. This is the most amazing gift you could ever give another person! Thank you so much for your inspiring Trick or Treating talents!

REWARD: Ride on the Pumpkin Parade float and help design the float for the next year!


You are the premier pumpkin in our entire pumpkin patch! We bow in awe of your creativity, determination, and orangeness! Want to change the world for the better? You just helped us take a giant - pumpkin-shaped - step in that direction. With $2,000, we can reach hundreds more middle school and high school students in the Hudson Valley, teaching them about healthy relationships, the warning signs of dating violence, and how to be an upstander in defense of others. The more kids we teach about healthy relationships, the fewer girls and boys will one day become victims of domestic violence. That changed the world for the better, and it's all because of YOU!

REWARD: Scream passes for 6 people to the Headless Horseman! That's 6 VIP passes to the spookiest event in the Hudson Valley!