Growth by Choice "The Movement"

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Growth by Choice
The Movement

Growth by Choice “The Movement” is Inspire Build Motivate, Inc’s mission, and that is to teach individuals to use their natural given strengths and abilities to develop an achievable purpose for their future.  

We teach life-enhancement skills that encourage, grow, and improve our participants' opportunities in life.

Our programs provide quality information and services that grow, improve, and build skills, increasing the quality of life. We use a wide range of systematic courses, including goal setting, financial literacy, decision making, and entrepreneurship.

We have been teaching techniques that motivate, inspire, and build up individuals for more than six years now. 

We are a faith-based organization seeking the support of our local community and others to spread our program from community to community starting here in Texas. We believe that together, we can make a difference. 

Inspire Build Motivate, Inc., and us here in “The Movement” appreciate your support.

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