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Covid-19 Coronavirus
Tri-State Living Tribute & Memorial Exhibits

Grow Hope & Faith/Salute Work Heroes campaigns raise funds for Tri-State Living Tribute & Memorial Exhibits  to provide community emotional healing now and for generations to come from the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Tributes acknowledge each of us who have endured the Covid-19 pandemic now and moving forward in the New Normal, and those who recovered from Covid-19. Salute Work Heroes praises all types of workers who made exceptional sacrifices, Memorials show our respects for those who sadly succumbed to Covid-19.  

The  Covid-19 coronaviruas pandemic  will never be forgotten. Tributes & Memorials are our way of restoring hope & faith in ourselves in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Without Covid-19 tributes & memorials than the pandemic is looked upon with guilt and shame by our current generation and generations to come.  Thus, community healing is vital to quality-of-life in the New Normal and nearly as essential as vaccines and economics

Please make your donation(s) for bringing about Tri-State Covid-19 coronavirus Living Tribute & Memorial exhibits. 

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Thank You Kindly & Stay Healthy!!

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