Green School Change Maker Challenge 2018

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Green School Bali 2008-2018

Educating Change Makers

The world needs changemakers. A new generation, unified and skilled, to take on the challenges we are leaving behind. 

For 10 years, Green School has been changing education and supporting young people to take action - now.  They are the changemakers. Help us, help them. Join us in marking the first 10 years of Green School and support us to continue to change education, change lives and change our world for the better.

Green School Bali (non-profit pre K - 12), is a shining beacon of hope. As a global leader in educating for sustainability, students from all corners of the globe have joined forces with local Balinese children to demonstrate the power of young people to make a real difference to real problems. We are asking our friends of Green School, companies, individual supporters, and our own community to join forces to:

* Help us help the world, by setting an example and sharing replicable ways to turn local solutions into global solutions.

*Continue our work, as a global leader in educational programs that equip children with 21st century skills.

* Expand Local Balinese Scholarships and outreach programs to support young Balinese change makers.

* Support children to create even more impactful sustainable solutions. Building on successful waste, transport and energy solutions to now tackle water and ocean problems.

With $1,000,000 we can show the world how children are not only the future, but also the solution:

$250,000 Help students to get Green School COMPLETELY OFF the Grid, through their project ‘Operation Rain or Shine’ and share their know-how with others.

$250,000 Kick-start more student-led sustainability projects by funding a Green Projects Office. Micro-loans and micro-grants empower students to solve real problems, map their projects to the global Sustainable Development Goals and share their learnings and results with the world.

$500,000 Help us reach our goal of increasing Balinese Scholarships from 10% to 15% of total student numbers.

Get Involved! Green School loves making new friends and sharing our mission with the world. There are so many ways you can join our mission. Become an ambassador for the campaign and join as a fundraiser here on Crowdrise, click here to see a short clip to learn the easy steps. Earn a chance to win exciting prizes for being a fundraiser: win a bamboo bike/John Hardy Jewelry/resort stay in Bali, and lots more.

Take on a challenge, nominate your friends, and be changemakers together. Tag @greenschoolbali on social media when you document your challenges with the hashtag #changemakersnow

1. Host trash walk in your neighborhood

2. Host a package free lunch/dinner

3. Trash jar challenge, fit your week's trash in a jar and document your progress