The Great Chicago Charity Swim


The Great Chicago Charity Swim
Swim, Train, & Race and Support Your Favorite Swimming-Related Charities

As you already know, our favorite open water swimming events in the Chicago area have been cancelled this year.  Although we won’t be able to swim these events in 2020, we must remember that they all support important local charities, and these cancellations have affected them as well.

Our swimming community is unique, and this is our chance to step up and continue our missions. We are very excited to introduce The Great Chicago Charity Swim! Let’s swim, train, and race with a goal in mind and support for your favorite swimming-related charities.

This is also a chance to virtually connect with all of your swimming friends! You can swim on a team of 4-6 members, or even as a solo swimmer. We’ve made it super-easy to register online and raise contributions for these wonderful charities.

UPDATE AS OF 9/8/20: This swim is being extended through 9/30/20 instead of our original end date of 9/12.

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