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  Jun 20 2020 . Duluth, MN, USA

It begins the day you register and grows every morning you lace up those shoes and step out the door. The strength, endurance and confidence that you develop through training extend far beyond the finish line. Our Charity Partners Program enables you to share that life-changing experience by making a difference in someone’s life as you transform your own. 


Starting a CrowdRise fundraiser DOES NOT guarantee you an entry to the 2020 Grandma’s Marathon race weekend. If you need a guaranteed entry, you must contact and agree to fundraising for the charity before setting up a fundraising page. Runners must commit to a charity of their choice, fundraise to meet their charity's minimum amount, earn a charity registration code, and then officially register through Grandma's Marathon following the instructions provided and using the earned charity code.

1. LEARN MORE: Fundraising Guidelines

Each charity has its own process for getting runners on board and distributes their code to their runners differently based on fundraising guidelines. Click the charity logos below to read more about their fundraising goals and guidelines to earn an entry.

2. SHOW INTEREST: Email Charity Contact OR Click "Contact Us"

Use the contact information listed on the charity page or fill out the "#RunForGood" form to indicate you are interested in running on their behalf. You can also fill out the "Contact Us" form found on Grandma's Marathon's CrowdRise campaign page. The charity(ies) will follow up with the final details on becoming one of their charity running champions. If you do not hear from the charity within (3) business days, please contact tara@grandmasmarathon.com

3. COMMIT: Charity Fundraising

Notify charity of your commitment to fundraising and running on their behalf (some require signed agreement forms, see your charity for guidelines). Charity bibs are not reserved until runner commits to the charity's guidelines and fundraising has started.

4. FUNDRAISE: Meet Goal and Earn Entry

Start fundraising to meet the minimum fundraising requirement as established by the charity of your choice. Once the minimum amount is met, the charity will send you specific registration instructions along with the official Grandma's Marathon registration code to complete your guaranteed FREE entry. Please note - charity runners must meet guidelines and officially register prior to the code's expiration at 11:59pm on May 8, 2020.

5. MAKE IT OFFICIAL: Register & Redeem Charity Code 

Follow the specific instructions provided by your charity to officially register for Grandma's Marathon's race weekend. PLEASE NOTE: Any additional registration options or fees associated with runner’s failure to use registration instructions and code correctly will not be reimbursed. Check your email for a confirmation from Race Roster and you're on your way to the finish line!

Need help? Want to learn more or to be contacted by specific charity(ies)?

Grandma's Marathon Charity Runner Interest Form

For additional assistance contact Grandma's Marathon by calling 218.727.0947 or emailing Tara@GrandmasMarathon.com

Posted by Tara Gallagher

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