Virtual Grand Opening Big Reveal Party!

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Virtual Grand Opening Big Reveal

We are absolutely thrilled to be hosting our first event (albeit virtually) at our brand new property!!

Please join us for some games, our "Poop-a-Square" 50/50 raffle, some prizes, a video tour of our new property, and most importantly...some fun!

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Sunday November 1st
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST

Event Overview
What's on the Agenda?

We have a fun cocktail/mocktail hour planned for our first event at our new location!

We would be absolutely delighted if you would join us to celebrate our move to our new forever home. 

As we introduce you to our new property, some of your favorite horses and staff members will be making surprise cameos.

We will be hosting our first ever "Poop-a-Square" 50/50 raffle, wherein our new indoor arena will be gridded into numbered squares, and the first horse to poop in one of the squares will determine our raffle winner! You can purchase your square(s) when you register for the event. 

We will also be playing a game of "Stump the Staff", and we look forward to collecting questions from you regarding the history of the farm or any of the horses to see if you know more than the staff! If your question stumps our staff members, then you will win a prize!

We are also incredibly excited to share a video tour of our new farm with you!!!

When you register for the event, we will send you an email with our suggestion for a cocktail/mocktail and appetizer so that everyone can enjoy a feeling of togetherness, even though we will be attending separately.

We will also be sharing a link for you to purchase an exclusive Touchstone or Pony Farm T-shirt for attending our Virtual Grand Opening Event!

Shortly before the event, we will email the link to join the Virtual Grand Opening Big Reveal Party.

We are really looking forward to the day that we get to see you at the farm, but until then, we wanted to find a fun way way to introduce you to our brand new, forever home!

Thank you for bearing with us through this transition; we are so grateful to have friends and supporters like you! "See" you at the Grand Opening!

Posted by Touchstone Farm Inc (Horse Power and Pony Farm)