Golfing for a CURE! We're Playing 100 holes or MORE!

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The Be Brave for Life Story

TEAM 1: Dillon Callen's Team (Dillon Callen, Cameron Adler, Sam Smith, Chapin Eyre)

TEAM 2: Emma Tobin's Team  (Emma Tobin, Julia Dapron, Lily Spencer, Grace Sherwood)

TEAM 3: Grace McDonald's Team (Grace McDonald & Carson Cutler)

TEAM 4: Grayson Rourke, Noah Rourke, Aidan Garvey, Cooper Garvey.

We are golfing 100 holes or more in support of a foundation that is near and dear to our hearts! 

The Be Brave for Life Foundation works tirelessly to raise awareness and funds to find better treatment options for people with non-cancerous brain tumors and cavernous malformations (vascular brain tumors) by funding innovative research. 

While much focus is often applied to malignant cancers, there remains a profound need to address research on other neurosurgical diseases, such as [non-cancerous] brain tumors and vascular disease. Many non-cancerous brain tumors are (thankfully) no longer immediately fatal, but the lifetime burden of living with disease – including repeated scans, multiple surgeries, hospitalizations and neurological deficits – means that families face huge long term management costs. 

Similar to non-cancerous brain tumors, cavernous malformations (vascular tumors in the brain or spinal cord) unfortunately confer massive financial and medical burdens to affected families. Cavernous malformations often rebleed throughout life – unpredictably – devastating patients and families over years and years.

Sixteen year old Riley Callen, a Burr and Burton Academy sophomore, started the foundation after having her 3rd brain surgery to remove a cavernous malformation from her brainstem. Her hope is to find a cure for anyone with a similar diagnosis. 

In just four years, the foundation has raised $500,000 to support 10 different research initiatives in universities and hospitals around the world. To learn more, go to