Golden Gate Relay 2019


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12 friends-2 vans-unforgettable bonding

During set up, enter your exact 2019 team name in the "Fundraising Title" box. Thank you.  

GATHER YOUR FRIENDS (12-member teams). Decorate your vans. Dress your best (costumes optional). "It's the most fun 24 feet can have in the best place on earth," NBC television.  

AS 12 MEMBER TEAMS run Napa Valley to Santa Cruz (2-3 legs/runner) or walk Marin to Santa Cruz (2 legs/walker) crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight, the transfer of the baton symbolizes the transfer of an organ from donor to participant. Run, walk, volunteer or donate an organ!  ORGANS R US (ORU and Friends, 501c3 45-3266453) promotes organ donation through athletics. 

The 1996-1998 Relays were dedicated to three-year-old Delaney Corbitt. After Delaney received a kidney in 1997, President Clinton signed a Relay shirt for Delaney while runners crossed the finish. The 2009-2016 Relays were dedicated to Katie Grace Groebner (born 7/16/02) who received a new heart and lungs on 6/14/14.  OF 125,000 AMERICANS waiting for transplants, 20 die each day before a donor is found. Discuss your wishes regarding organ donation with your family and register online to be an organ donor. 

ORU has no paid executives, officers or directors (Jobs available, salary=$0).  ORU has generated publicity about the shortage of organ donors worth more than $25 million, supported families facing life threatening illness, provided Transplant Olympics scholarships and purchased computers for registering organ donors.

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