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Support Military Families
  Nov 17 2020

2020 has been difficult on all of us. But for our military families, the challenges are even greater.

Military families are tough. They are used to enduring long months of deployment apart from each other, frequently moving to new cities, and often facing lifelong challenges brought on by the scars of the battlefield.

But those challenges have all been compounded in 2020.

Living on a military base usually provides solace for families to support one another. But lockdowns, quarantines, and other health restrictions have made life for military families even more solitary.

Deployments are usually predictable. But this year, with travel restrictions, unexpected quarantines, moving freezes, and extended deployments, military families are often separated many months longer than they thought they would be.

Although we cannot help these families be together for the holidays, we can ensure their season is brighter by helping them create a memorable celebration.

Tight budgets often keep military families from celebrating the holiday season. And this year many military spouses have lost their jobs due to COVID. With the financial strain being felt even more, many of these families will be forced to choose food for the family over gifts for their little ones.

Can you help us keep the magic of the holiday season alive for military children?

The Soldiers' Angels Adopt-A-Family program supports these families during the holiday season by matching them with individuals and businesses who will help provide gifts for the children and a gift card for the family to put towards their holiday meal.  While we have a great success rate of finding amazing individuals and businesses who provide for these families, there are often last-minute families that need support or do not get "adopted." 

We need your help to ensure these families are still supported for the holiday season.

Join the Soldiers' Angels Giving Tuesday Giving Challenge and raise money for Soldiers' Angels to support military families during the holiday season by providing them with last-minute gift cards to purchase gifts for their children and provide their family with a holiday meal.

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