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  Nov 18 2020


Welcome to Saffyre Sanctuary! We rescue horses that are abused, abandoned, or neglected! But we also assist owners in placing their horses in safe adoptive homes to help keep them out of the auctions and potentially going to slaughter. We play an important role in finding forever homes for senior horses and horses that may no longer be able to complete. Finding the perfect match for our beloved equines is our biggest thrill! 

We also provide educational programs to help people learn about themselves through the wisdom of the horses. We have some amazing transformation stories, both horse and human, so please check out all of our information to get an in-depth look at what magic happens here! 

This is our 2020 year-end campaign that will fund our operations for most of the following year! This event is super important to our mission and will provide the necessary funds for the horses we serve. 

Donations will be used to continue Saffyre Sanctuary's services of rehabilitation, re-homing, foster care, and retirement for horses in need. Your donations also provide nutritious feed, farrier care, dental care, chiropractic and acupuncture, boarding, and other necessary supplies to continue to provide rehabilitation and recovery.

In addition to Saffyre's work with horses, we also offer therapeutic and educational programs for children, adults, special needs individuals, groups and veterans. Over our twelve years of operation, Saffyre has become a haven for both horses and people, providing a safe place to reconnect with nature, yourself, and our loving equine companions. 

Pictured are some of our rescues who were saved from the brink of tragedy - all of whom are now thriving with a new, playful lease on life! All they needed was some love, support, and proper nutrition to rediscover their natural, joyful state. 

There are lots of perks below for helping us! 

Reward Levels 

$25 Care-ot Package - Exclusive updates and photos! A download link to our volunteer-created coloring book of the horses! Our eternal gratitude! 

$50 Hay There - Exclusive updates, photos, and a visit to see the horses in LA! Our eternal gratitude! Plus all of the above. $50 can feed all of our horses for a day, or get one of their feet trimmed! 

$100 You're Oatsome! - Our beutifully designed t-shirt (selection available here - plus all of the above perks! 

$250 Be Our NEIGHbor! - A paperback copy of "Changing Horses", written by our founder Esta Bernstein (, plus all of the above perks! Please, won't you be our neighbor!? 

$500 MagNeighFicent! - A stylish Saffyre Sanctuary hoodie (selection available here -, plus an exclusive afternoon learning from our founder, Esta, and one of our rescued horses!  Plus all of the above! 

$1,000 AppleyEverAfter - A One-on-One Equalia Actualization session with Esta and your horse. If you don't have one, we have plenty of willing teachers at our stables. LA Travel Only.  Plus all of the above!

You can also check us out and follow our horses on social media! 

Facebook - Our Equine Community! 

Instagram - Photos of beautiful horses and volunteers! 

Twitter - Breaking news and updates! 

Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc. was incorporated in June 2009 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, TIN #27-0333811, and has been certified by the IRS as a tax-exempt charity. All donations made to Saffyre Sanctuary are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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