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  Dec 01 2020

Happy Life Animal Rescue is a foster based 501(c)(3) animal rescue. Our mission this year is to raise funds for our medical budget.  Many animals find themselves thrown into a shelter due to medical issues that their owners cannot afford or simply do not want to deal with. We at Happy Life Animal Rescue want to be able to help as many of these animals that we can but cannot do so without the generous support of the community.

On average Happy Life Animal Rescue rescues 50 animals a month. Some of these animals after a short time are able to find their forever homes. Others take more time and need some more help either medically or socialy before they are able to leave our care. This year alone there have been some special furballs that we have been able to help and get rehomed. Today we would like to share some tales of rescue. 

 Our first loved one to talk about this year was Ruby. Ruby was a sweet and loving puppy that we pulled from a shelter down in Alabama. Upon her arrival to NY, our volunteers noticed something off about her but could not figure out for the life of us what it was. Ruby would constantly stare off into space, walk into things, sleep constantly and would have to spin in circles to be able to go to the bathroom. After many vet visits and finally a trip to the neurologist they finally were able to diagnose her with the help of an MRI. Ruby had some damage to the cerebellum most likely due to a traumatic birth. After this diagnosis and talking with a trainer our team was determined to be able to find her the right home that would love her for who she is. After countless meets with potential adopters Ruby was finally able to find a home where her new owners can understand and meet her needs.

Our next story is an ongoing story about one of our current pups Sailor (aka Maggie). Sailor was a young mom of about 1 years old that was dropped off in a shelter down south pregnant and with mange. As soon as our team saw her photos, we had to bring her up here before she gave birth. Sailor had made it up to NY late May and had given birth on June 1st to 5 beautiful babies. Sailor was a great mom and saw to it that her babies grew up safe and healthy. Her babies have all since found a home, and sailor since she has finished nursing has begun her hair regrowth treatments. After many vet visits the vets have determined that sailor is almost at a point where she can get spayed, and after find her forever home.

Now you cannot forget about the kitties. Some of our most recent kittens to come into our care Nugget and TIna. These lovely siblings have been in our care for about a week now, they came to us with a most terrible upper respiratory infection. The two of them were barely able to open their eyes and were having difficulties breathing. After an immediate vet appointment, they were put on antibiotics and eye drops. While they are now on the road to recovering, they will still need time to be 100% and a couple of visits to the vet in-between.

Our next story we are going to share is a story that we as a rescue do not personally like to share. While there are lots of things to be happy about in rescue there are also the sad and dark moments. Back in the beginning of October we had rescued a litter of 10 puppies from a shelter down south. Being that we pull from shelters and know the risks associated with it we isolate the dogs for the recommended period of 7-10 days to try and catch anything before we put them up for adoption. Within the first few days after arriving to NY our team noticed that something was up with these pups. Some of them were losing their appetites and starting to have diarrhea.

It was quickly diagnosed that our pups had come up with Parvo. Parvo for those that do not know is a gastro-intestinal virus that can be deadly in puppies especially in ones so young they do not yet have all their vaccines. What followed this diagnosis was a very long 2 heartbreaking and grueling weeks for our team and the pups. Countless vet visits, Hospital stays and at home care ensued. Some rescues immediately put a pup to sleep if they come down with this virus due to the financial strain, but not Happy Life. We like to give every dog a chance to live. Throughout the ordeal we lost 4 of the 10 pups yet managed to help 6 of them live. These pups have since moved on to find their forever homes yet have moved our team like you cannot believe during their stay. I kid you not these pups caused even the manliest of men on our team to shed tears for them.

Our last story is a lighter hearted one with a completely happy ending. Rudy was a slightly older puppy who was left in a shelter missing most of his hair and looking beat up. With the help of our rescue partners in the south we were able to get him out of the shelter and into a condition healthy enough to travel up north. Once he made his way up here, he went into foster care where he learned to be a puppy and trust people again. Within a short amount of time he was finally able to be ready to find a home. When it came time for adoption Rudy showed his new and improved self-off and found the perfect family for him.

None of these stories would be possible without our communities’ charitable help. Every dollar helps saves and betters the lives of all of the animals that come into our care. If you are unable to donate money, Time is also a thing that helps our cause out greatly. Without our volunteers and fosters cannot achieve what we do.

Thank you to all those that took their time to read this, share this or help this mission. We wish you all a Happy Holidays.

Posted by Happy Life Animal Rescue Inc