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  Nov 17 2020

2020 has been difficult on all of us. But while many of us were able to transition to working remotely from the safety and confinement of our own homes, deployed military service members never had that choice.

They still maintained the frontlines of combat zones and assisted in humanitarian missions around the world, just as they would any other day. The added risk of exposure to COVID-19 and the challenges of working during a global pandemic have made their already tough jobs even tougher.

This year, they have also endured regular quarantines, extended deployments, travel restrictions, and, just like many of us, shortage on everyday items such as toilet paper, cleaning products, and hand sanitizer. Many service members have been separated from their families months longer than they originally anticipated, missing out on the everyday moments that we all take for granted. Many service members are also on the frontlines of the pandemic, providing support to hospitals or assisting in the COVID vaccine efforts of Operation Warp Speed. 

Think of all we have experienced in 2020... The threat of war (remember way back to the beginning of the year when rapid deployments affected thousands of military families??), a global pandemic, horrific stories about COVID-19, protests, riots, natural disasters, and a country divided by politics.

Now--- think about how it must have been to endure all of those things away from your loved ones and outside the comfort of your own home... 

At Soldiers' Angels, we strive to uplift and support deployed service members every day of any given year. However, this year more than any other year, they need more. They need a flood of support to know that we remember that they are there to protect us each and every day. That we are grateful for their courage to face any enemy, be it an enemy combatant or an invisible virus.

Will you be part of the flood and let these heroes know we're thinking of them? 

Join the Soldiers' Angels Giving Tuesday Giving Challenge and raise money for Soldiers' Angels to support deployed service members with care packages, snacks, hygiene items, and more.

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