1 Year Scholarship at Ngulot

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Giving 1 Year Scholarship to a Boy at Ngulot

After traveling to Kenya I have a goal to hit. I want to give a scholarship to someone in Kenya. My trip was very eye opening and anyone here on this page is probably from my youtube channel.

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       WE is an organization the makes doing good doable. One of the things WE does is takes people on eye opening trips to 3rd world countries. I went on two of those trips, and hopefully more to come.

       One of the things on the trips you do is make an action plan. I made one, your looking right at it. My plan is to raise 3000$ for a 1 year scholarship to a boy in Kenya for a year of highschool. I hope that others realize to come that the world is not all a great place, but also that they can help fix it. Each person has potential to do great things but it is all covered by everything else covering us in our life. And now my job is to help you help others through myself. WE've worked out all the complications. Any money you donate goes straight into WE and they create a pool of money for this kid.

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