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Give tomorrow today
24 Hour Campaign - The Future Needs You!
  Dec 23 2020

Imagine if you could change the world. Imagine if giving a dollar, or sharing a message, could brighten the future for millions of people. Imagine if you could make the world you and your loved ones will live in tomorrow better today.

You can. And today, for 24 hours only, together we will.

The American Cancer Society helps millions of people every single day in a variety of ways. One of the most crucial is supporting and spearheading cancer research, the driving force behind a healthier world.

Research funding has been devastated by the Coronavirus, seeing a 50% decline. If we do nothing, tomorrow won't forgive us. If we do everything we can, tomorrow will thank us.

GIVE Tomorrow TODAY supports the critical research of today to ensure a brighter tomorrow. Without research now, millions of lives will be adversely impacted in the future. Your generous support, however, will ensure that millions of lives are impacted for the better.

During this campaign, every gift will be doubled by our generous matchers. That means every $100 becomes $200! But we only have until Dec 24th to reach our goal!

Thank you for GIVING Tomorrow TODAY!

Posted by Arleen Uria Speed