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Cancer Won't Stop for a Pandemic, Neither Do We.

Help us reach our goal of raising $25,000 to support NYC cancer patients in need.

This summer marks the 25th Anniversary of the founding of Gilda's Club here in New York City. Due to COVID-19,  Gilda’s Club is working around the clock to provide resources for the vulnerable cancer community in NYC who feel especially forgotten, alone and overwhelmed. Cancer patients and their families already face enormous stress - and now their safety, ability to receive treatment, and financial stability are further compromised.

The free support Gilda's Club NYC provides to  cancer patients and their families - including individual counseling sessions, virtual support groups, healthy lifestyle workshops and educational lectures - is more important now than ever before. Since the COVID-19 quarantine began the need for our virtual cancer support has increased by double digits for individual counseling (+120%), workshops (+60%) and educational lectures (+30%).

Our members reflect the diversity of New York - 53% of the Gilda’s Club NYC population represents minority groups and 40% are from medically underserved ethnic communities (21% are Black, 29% are Latino) all living with specific types of cancer and/or loss.

In lieu of annual in-person fundraising events, Gilda’s Club launched the #GildasClubSeesYou campaign to remind our current and prospective members that they are not alone and to encourage others to donate so we can continue to provide our free cancer support program for all New Yorkers impacted by cancer.

About Gilda's Club NYC:

Gilda’s Club NYC was founded by Gene Wilder and others in 1995 for his wife and Saturday Night Live icon, Gilda Radner after she passed away from ovarian cancer. Gilda’s Club reaches over 10,000 cancer patients and their families annually and that number is growing as more people recognize the need for support during this challenging time. With the launch of our new virtual program, members are able to participate in support groups, networking groups, healthy lifestyle workshops and educational lectures, from the safety of their own homes. Our vision is to continue our 25 year legacy of free and inclusive cancer support and ensure our program is accessible to more New Yorkers living with cancer each year.  No one should face cancer alone. 

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