GEMS Male Allies Campaign 2018


  Jun 11 2018

Every year GEMS hosts a Male Allies breakfast to honor male leaders in the anti-trafficking movement for their work to end the commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls. In GEMS 20th year it is not only honoring male leaders in the anti-trafficking movement, but every male ally -- every man who has stood up for a woman’s control over her body and rejects exploitation. These men show that the flagrant objectification of women, even by the most powerful, is not the norm. Like GEMS, male allies are on the front lines, defending the rights of women to be treated as humans not objects, in turn, elevating men themselves, the women around them, and their communities. If there is a Male Ally (or Allies!) in your life, recognize him, and let GEMS help! With your nomination and a contribution of $35, GEMS will certify your Male Ally and mail him an official certificate! To nominate an ally, include his name in the tribute box as [Nominee Name, Male Ally] or [Nominee Name, Nominee Name, Male Allies] and we will send a follow up email to collect his mailing and email address. 

Once you certify your Male Ally, kick it up a notch: 

1. Tell us why your male ally is such a strong supporter and we’ll share your stories on GEMS’ social media pages. Write to or tag us with #MaleAllies

2. Join us at our Male Allies Awards Breakfast on July 13, 2018 at the New York City Bar Association. Find this year's honorees and tickets here:

3. Become a monthly GEMS contributor to help us sustain the fight. Click here: 

Go Male Allies!