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Who we are

Artists Helping Hand works to create a community of artists whom have always dreamed of having a studio of their own to create in. These days, being an artist, sometimes feels as if it should be neglected. We decided to act upon a growing need of a stronger artistic culture, that has been lacking for too long. Artists Helping Hand was created with many goals in mind, but one big picture; to offer an opportunity for those in the community with the feeling of no hope. Through your help Artists Helping Hand will give back, giving those who need an opportunity, allowing their dream to become a reality.

We have chosen to target young adults whom have a talent with the arts, as a way to build their confidence into pursuing their abilities. Doing this we have an extremely high hope this will make a large impact in the growing percentage of unsuccessful young adults. Of course, this does not stop us from helping anyone of all ages. We will be working with public school systems as a way for kids to reach out to us. Year after year it seems budgeting for schools are getting smaller, and of course they are cutting programs I believe are essential to the growth and development for children.

It all begins with an idea. As a young or struggling artists, working two jobs trying to make ends meet. The feeling of being unable to book the time to record seems too far away. As our mission we will provide you with the time and tools necessary for that to happen. We are grateful for our donors that believe we can make a difference, because we believe in you.

Let your talent shine! We offer you a place to be yourself. Because we have been so blessed with this opportunity to serve inspiring artists, we have the ability to offer what you need. Whatever your passion might be; Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Drummer and or painter. We will be dedicated to making sure you are satisfied.

Meet the Board of Directors:

Michael Golenski

Biljana Golenski

Devon M Westland

Pamela Kelly

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