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Why Build a gym?
Mindiola Park, 325 Hoover Ave, Waukesha, WI 53186, USA

We strongly believe in holistic wellbeing. In a neighborhood consistently rated among the worst for health outcomes, the gym will provide access to healthy patterns. It will be a place for adults in this community to work on improving their physical health. We will be able to hold group exercise classes: Zumba, yoga, HIIT or Tabata. Opportunities like these will introduce people to fitness and healthy routines, allowing this neighborhood to start and maintain positive habits. Beyond physical health, exercise positively affects mental/emotional health.

It is no secret that the neighborhood around 26th and Capitol is not an ideal place to play outside. The gym will be a safe space where kids can run freely. There will be opportunities for kids to join in through open gyms, club sports, camps, and other youth programming. These opportunities give our kids a place to grow in a fun environment. Sports and physical activity aid in growth through learning teamwork, determination, goal-setting, etc.

The gym is a way to partner with other organizations and schools doing good within Milwaukee, but who do not have access to facilities to run certain programming. Many of our area schools do not have a gym. By partnering with these local schools, Shechem’s gym will give kids a place to have gym class, participate in sports or other extra curricular activities.

Posted by Hope Street Ministries INC