Fuel the Vote

Fuel the Vote


As voters face unprecedented circumstances this election, we cannot ignore the ways in which hunger can be a form of voter suppression, especially in historically marginalized neighborhoods where lines have been and will be disproportionately long. In states like Georgia where early voting has begun, voters have had to wait in line for up to twelve hours.. No one should have to choose between feeding themselves and their family or casting their vote, but that is the reality that many Americans face. We want to amplify the voices of those in our communities in DC and NYC who are the most vulnerable and who have the most at stake by fueling them and bringing love and compassion through a warm meal during this stressful time.

Guided by the belief that food is the fuel for the revolution, Fuel the People (https://www.fuelthepeople.com) nourishes and supports protestors on the front lines, and the community in DC and NYC by providing meals from local Black and POC-owned restaurants, chefs and businesses. To us, fueling the people also means fueling our communities. We bring meals from these restaurants to protestors to help sustain them so that they may keep fighting for freedom and justice for us all. Since we began in June, we've fed over 30,000 protesters! 

Donations go from you -> us -> local Black and POC-owned restaurants -> meals for the community.  We use funds to partner with Black & POC restaurants and chefs to make meals for protestors (and now voters!) and buy any necessary supplies (tables, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, etc.) for distribution. We then distribute the meals to with our amazing team of volunteers! Any leftover funds from this GoFundMe will be used to support future protests with Fuel the People over the next few weeks.

We cannot thank you enough for your donation to help us Fuel the Vote; every bit truly helps! We are excited to welcome you to the Fuel the People Community. Together, let's do this!

Posted by Creating For Justice Inc