4th Annual From the Couch Raffle & Fundraiser

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4th Annual From the Couch Raffle & Fundraiser

Don't....Put on a mask, Don't worry about social distancing.

Do.....Enter the raffle.   Do win awesome prizes. 

Do.....Help ensure the EACH kids can stay safe during Covid and attend secondary school and college.

Our raffle never disappoints so pick up some tickets for yourself or friends! The raffle winners will be drawn  at 8pm on Friday December 4th, so make sure to purchase your tickets beforehand.  Check out the prize list in the Gallery below and add a comment to your ticket purchase letting us know which prizes to put your tickets towards.

Want to leave the raffle prizes for someone else? Make a general donation by clicking the 'donate button' at the top of this page.   Help us support EACH kids during this unprecedented time.

All donations will go towards ensuring the EACH children in Kenya and Uganda have adequate food, shelter, hygiene supplies and are able to safely return to class as their schools reopen.

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Friday December 4th


This fall some students in both Kenya and Uganda have returned to school and we need your support more than ever to ensure they have access to a safe and  healthy place to live and learn.

East Africa Children's Hope's mission is to support vulnerable and orphaned children in East Africa by providing access to primary, secondary and post-secondary education, with a particular emphasis on supporting charitable organizations led by East Africans.

EACH currently supports The Good Hope Initiative (GHI) in Uganda and Upendo in Kenya, which provide housing, support and education for all disadvantaged kids in the community.

Both GHI and Upendo have on-site primary schools and rely on EACH and our generous donors to provide sponsorships for the children as they enter secondary school and college.