We Keep Us Safe: Housing for All

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Madison, WI, USA

With the potential for a spike in evictions this summer as the eviction moratorium expires on July 31st, Madison Tenant Power and Freedom Inc. are pairing up to raise funds to help folks stay in their homes or find new, better housing! These funds will be used for security deposits and other critical housing funds so that more of our community members to have safe housing for themselves and their families.  Funds will be distributed by Freedom Inc. Please give as generously as you can, and please share the campaign!

To contribute to a team's fundraising page, click "Join" and then "Join a team" or "Create your own new team."  Message Madison Tenant Power or Freedom Inc. if you have questions.

Fast facts on housing:

-Average Madison security deposit is $1,000, and average rent is $1,300.

-23% of renters spend 50% or more of their income on rent.

-This goes up to 85% for those with income under $20,000.

-26% of adult renters making under $25,000 are behind on rent. Of them, about 30% expect to move within 2 months due to eviction. 

-Encampments at local parks are temorarily allowed, but this may change soon. People who are unhoused need secure, long-term solutions. 

- The cost of living in Madison is increasing at 3% or more per year, while many people's income is the same or lower than previous years.

-More than half of all adults have made at least one tradeoff in the past three years to cover their rent or mortgage. Tradeoffs include taking second jobs, cutting back on health care and healthy food, and moving to less safe neighborhoods.

-Nationally, more than 22 million people lost their jobs during the pandemic.

-Even for families who have been able to stay in their homes and avoid eviction,  many still owe back rent payments, sometimes $10,000 or more.

-Many people need to stay in the same area for their jobs, kids' schools, childcare, consistency for their families, and access to transportation and local resources. 

-Having a single eviction on your record makes it much harder to find housing in the future, for both public housing and on the private market.

-Housing security is one of the greatest factors for stable families and communities.

Posted by Madison Tenant Power