Foreverfamily's Virtual 5K4Kids 2020

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Foreverfamily's Virtual 5K4Kids 2020

August 22-29, Foreverfamily, Inc. will be hosting our annual 5K4Kids race. In an effort to keep everyone safe, this event will be held virtually at your own home, whenever is best for you! We encourage participants to wear their t-shirts and to take and post photos for all to see. 

An email will be sent to you with the date that Foreverfamily's Staff and Board Members will be running if you'd like to join us at the same time.

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Why is Your Support So Important?

All of the funds raised go toward keeping families connected, despite parental incarceration and the added challenges brought by COVID-19.

In a world and a time that is so uncertain, now more than ever, we must continue fostering the familial bonds between incarcerated parents and their children. For the past 33 years, Foreverfamily has upheld its mission: To inspire hope in children of incarcerated mothers and fathers, to help children become successful adults, to strengthen their families, and to share our considerable experience with communities worldwide to do the same. One way we have done that is through our family visitation program. In light of COVID-19, we have not changed that. As our “new normal” has turned virtual so too have our family visitations.

Foreverfamily currently helps maintain connections for 45 families, consisting of 92 children, from all across Georgia, and that number is increasing. Families who are affected by incarceration are usually saddled with the additional costs associated with keeping in contact with their loved one. Communication options that are usually free on the outside, such as phone calls and emails, cost a significant amount when contacting an incarcerated loved one. Keeping one family in contact for one-month costs over $100, including emails ($20), phone calls ($25), video visitations ($40), and stationary packets ($15) so children can send letters of love and encouragement to their parents.

In addition to family visitation, we provide school supplies (this includes internet service, tablets, and a bookbag full of supplies) to all school-age children. The cost of one tablet and internet service is about $75. A typical school supply pack costs $60 plus mailing. We provide families with gift cards to purchase necessities such as toiletries, food, and water. The cost for one gift card is $100. Foreverfamily has continuously worked to ensure that every child has the love of family and the necessary supports to thrive. We can continue to do so through the support and donations of the community.

Current events have only emphasized the problem with mass incarceration of black men and women.  Although we are striving to enact reform, we must also maintain the connections among families to strengthen the bonds that can sometimes recede during the incarceration period.  Our programs work!  Please help us fund these programs.

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