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The Malalo Sports Foundation (MSF) is a sporting nonprofit seen here:

Food Insecurity: With 62% of Zambia's population living off of less than $2 a day (HabitatforHumanity, 2017) our food shelfs are vulnerable to being depleted within a week.

The MSF needs food supplements for all the participants considering that we have challenges of food supply due to restricted movements caused by COVID-19. A family of six needs $5 of food per day. The world right now is unstable because of COVID-19, and our government HAS appealed for international support, but that is insecure as  every nation is faces the same challenge. The Children also need educational supplies to study from home as well other nutritional supliments.

We are asking people who can give to do so as generously and comfortably as possible. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Kebby, the Executive Director for Malalo Sports Foundation here:

Please be patient for replies as he is currently dealing with reduced internet access in Zambia. 


We are based in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. The MSF is a community center that focuses on community enrichment. We offer opportunities for young people to play sports and encourage opportunities to avoid high risk decision making. We have soccer and chess clubs for multiple age groups as well as  athletics and educational activities, Our community school, Kenani Community School, is for grades 1-12, as well as supports elderly care. 

The projects have a combined total of 800 people (school-400 ages 5-15, football (soccer) -300 ages 8-17, and elderly care -100 ages 60-75). 

Posted by Kebby Shampongo

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