Horace Fleming Scholarship Virtual Race Fundraiser


Horace Fleming Scholarship -- Get Ready, Get Active 5K

Get ready to have fun, support the aspirations of young people, stay fit during this season, and enjoy healthy and fun activities! The Get Ready, Get Active Race is an opportunity to get out and get active.

This race is open to all. This means you can create your 5K  (or 1K or 10K)  wherever you are. SIMPLY COMPLETE YOUR RACE ANY DAY BETWEEN NOVEMBER 26 - DECEMBER 5

Post your selfies, pre- and post-race pictures, and tag us on Facebook and Instagram (@coachflemingscholarship) so we can re-share your photos!

A Race & Fundraiser

We created the Horace Fleming Scholarship Fund to continue the legacy of giving, love and support instilled in us by Coach Fleming. This race was created to encourage staying active and healthy during these uncertain times. This event will raise awareness about the organization and raise funds for annual scholarships to student-athletes. 

There are several ways to support::

1. Register in the Race

Register today to participate virtually, starting and finishing the race anywhere and anytime. All registration fees sustain the Horace Fleming Scholarship Fund.

1st and 10 - Many know this to be the phrase game announcer and friend Shellie Bowers Jr. famously announced when the Tigers were on their way to a touchdown. Giving at this $25 level can help a student refill their dorm refrigerator and grab a coffee off-campus.

Shining Star - Earth, Wind and Fire was Coach's favorite music group. Giving at this $50 level can help a student take advantage of campus activity clubs and purchase school spirit gear.

Coaches Corner - From little league softball to leading Wilson to win it's only District championship, Coach Fleming assisted hundreds of athletes in developing to their full potential. Giving at this $100 level can help a student cover the cost of printing assignments and replenishing school supplies.

Legends of the Game - Inducted into the DC Coaches Hall of Fame, awarded an Outstanding Coach Lifetime Achievement Award and named DCIAA Coach of the Year -- Coach Fleming humbly committed his life to young people and his legacy lives on. Giving at this $250 level can help a student with transportation to and from home during the holidays.

2. Give

Click the "Donate" button to join others in supporting financially. We provide financial assistance to graduating student-athletes planning to pursue higher  education. Why are these tax-deductible contributions important, now more than ever?

1. Uncertain Economy - Many families are having to do more with less and making difficult decisions about meeting household needs. Scholarships can be the difference in whether or not a student will enroll.

2. College Degrees are Expensive. Hard stop.

3. Where are the Funds - While tuition cost continues to increase, the availability of state or university grants and scholarships are decreasing. Students and families are now paying most of the cost of higher education.

4. Student Debt - The country currently has student loan debt over $1.5 trillion. Student should not be buried under the weight of debt after graduation.

3. Start a Fundraiser

In addition to registering and/or donating, create your own fundraiser and invite your friends and family to support the scholarship fund as well!

It takes less than five minutes to set up a fundraiser and the additional support can have a great impact!

Are You Ready?

Yes, of course you are! Now get ready to have fun during your race, support the aspirations of young people, get active during this season, and continue to enjoy healthy and fun activities.

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